Sober New Year’s

When you think of New Year’s Eve, many people imagine celebrating with substances, from fancy cocktails to champagne to drugs. If you are a long-time user of various substances, it can be difficult to find enjoyable ways to ring in the new year without the use of a substance. 

Here are some tips for how to have a fun & sober New Year’s Eve: 

  1. Host a Sober Party. Invite only those who are willing to stay sober. Plan for specific events, such as video or board game contests, karaoke, or have a dance party. Activities will offer a distraction from using or drinking. 
  2. Have a Destination Party. Go to a remote location, such a mountain cabin or rent a boat. This will offer new scenery and will reduce your access to substances. 
  3. Attend an Alco-thon or Narco-thon. Lasting 12 to 24 hours, these provide a sober way to gather with others and connect. Various topics are discussed throughout the day, and it may end with a party. Contact the local NA to find out about events. 
  4. Plan a Fun Activity. Go on a holiday lights cruise. Attend a late movie. Make a special dinner at home and invite over a sober friend. 
  5. Check out Meetup Groups. lists various groups, and you can find opportunities to meet with those who are clean and sober. Events are typically small groups engaged in a specific activity, such as hiking or beach walks. 
  6. If you are in the LA area, here is a list of sober holiday events.

All of us at Elevated Recovery are wishing you a safe, clean, Happy New Year! 

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